design centre

design centre

Our Design Centre supports the development and promotion of creative sector partners, along with good design practices, as well as being a platform for cooperation between the design industry, the scientific community and entrepreneurs.

The Design Centre Programme includes organising exhibitions, workshops, lectures, discussions, film screenings and competitions. These events are an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences, create connections, and above all increase professional competencies. Our projects are aimed not only at professionals and students involved in design, but also at enthusiasts and hobbyists within the field.

Selected exhibitions:

  • Fair Building. Czy wiesz, kto zbudował Twój dom?
  • NIEMAPA Gdynia
  • Let’s bee friends
  • Innowacja to design. Innowacje firm parkowych
  • Akademia Pana Technika
  • Druga Ogólnopolska Wystawa Znaków Graficznych

Gdynia Design Days

The Design Centre organises the annual Gdynia Design Days Festival – this is when our city becomes the most important place for the creative industries to meet. The GDD Festival showcases the latest design trends and inspires everyone to greater creative efforts.


  • 29.01

    budynek IV

    Dziewczyny na warsztat

    Poznaj kobiety, które zmieniają oblicze polskiego wzornictwa. „Dziewczyny na warsztat” to historie reprezentantek pierwszego pokolenia projektantek, dorastającego po ’89 roku. W programie: webinary, warsztaty, oprowadzanie kuratorskie i wirtualny przewodnik.