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PPNT Gdynia is a space for innovators creating modern products, services and initiatives

about us

PPNT Gdynia: pleasure of discovery, pleasure of creation

The shape of building IV was inspired by ocean liners moored at the lighthouse. The half-round bay windows refer to Gdynia's modernism and the shape of historical arches of the former bus depot.

PPNT Gdynia was founded to actively support and create conditions for the development of visionary initiatives in various fields. It is a place for meetings and exchanging ideas. It is a place for innovators: entrepreneurs, designers, enthusiasts, and organizers. In such an open and inspiring space sharing business and technological knowledge is pure pleasure.

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Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia was established in 2001 as an initiative of the Pomeranian Center of Technology and the City of Gdynia. Building II – architecturally distinct because of the characteristic arches – served as a bus depot from 1938. During the war it housed a German factory and repair workshop of Focke Wulf fighter aircrafts.

The revitalisation and expansion of PPNT Gdynia carried out in 2010-2013 was the largest, after Trasa Kwiatkowskiego, municipal investment partially financed from EU funds. The total cost of the project amounted to approximately PLN 208 million (of which PLN 137 million were funds obtained from the EU, and the remaining part was financed by the City of Gdynia). Since then, the Park has grown to nearly 80,000 m2 (which corresponds to the area of ​​5 football pitches!) and 246,054 m3 (a capacity similar to that of 100 Olympic swimming pools!). In 2012, the first Parkeurs entered the revitalised complex.
The architecture of the Park refers to Gdynia's modernism, and the four buildings that make up the PPNT complex resemble a group of ocean liners seen from a bird's eye view. Thanks to its aesthetics and location at the main thoroughfare of the Tri-City, the park complex is recognizable throughout Poland.

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a place teeming with life

Over 2,000 people work at PPNT Gdynia.

Currently, PPNT Gdynia is home to more than 250 companies working primarily in the areas of ICT, environmental protection, automation, robotics, graphics, and design.

Access to offices, prototyping spaces and well-equipped workshops, as well as training and industry conferences are invaluable support for all Parkeurs.

Park companies have access to the largest, modern infrastructure in Poland, and since so many creative minds meet in one place, it is not difficult to effectively synergize and accelerate the development of innovative projects.

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the park is initiatives, ideas and people

Total park capacity, almost 250,000 m3, equals to 100 Olympic pools. Total Park area, nearly 80,000 m2, is the equivalent of 5 football pitches.

our support teams:
startup zone
bio laboratory
patent information
design centre

conference centre
constructor's park

PPNT Gdynia is made up of park companies, workshop spaces and teams of specialists in the Startup Zone (supporting young entrepreneurs and students), the Bio Laboratory (conducting research and development projects), the Patent Information (educating in the field of intellectual property protection), the Design Center (supporting creative sectors), the Constructors’ Park (primarily for engineers and creators), and the Conference Center (a meeting place for exchanging experiences).

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PPNT community

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conference center

meetings, trainings and initiatives related to science, technology, business and design


We are proud of our companies!

Currently, the Park hosts around 250 companies that run technologically advanced projects. Many of them conquer foreign markets, among others, the manufacturers of speech synthesizers from the Ivona family, taken over by Amazon - one of the largest companies in the world. Parkeurs from Mpico Sys. are responsible for creating the world's largest e-paper information wall, which can be admired at the headquarters of the UN in New York. Engineers from SpaceForest are leaders of the international DEWI project, creating solutions used by the European Space Agency. It was in the Park that the first European mixed reality VR studio VISIO, ecological concrete, and the anti-smog apparatus from Andervision were all created. Hundreds of modern information systems and revolutionary patents have been developed here. PPNT Gdynia is also home to municipal units: the Social Innovations Laboratory, the Experyment Science Center and the Library with Passion.

the Scientific Council of PPNT Gdynia

The high quality of the projects implemented at PPNT Gdynia is ensured by the Scientific Council, which brings together outstanding external representatives of the world of business and science. The Council decides which projects can be developed within our premises.

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