Gdynia’s specialist laboratories are located in two places: at PPNT Gdynia and in Park Konstruktorów (Constructor’s Park). Park Konstruktorów is a building located on the premises of the former Gdynia Shipyard. It provides implementation and production facilities for innovative companies. It is here that creators, designers and engineers can develop advanced technological projects “from concept to product”.

  • 3d printing laboratory

    3D printing is a modern technology that is developing very rapidly. The printouts created in the park’s laboratory can be used, for instance, in broadly-defined prototyping processes; can be used to make unusual tools, handles, covers for electronic devices, models for aerodynamic and hydrodynamic testing, as well as to create models used in orthodontics, dentistry, or prosthetics. High-end equipment and certified materials at the laboratory’s disposal also open the way to using 3D printing in medical procedures. Customers can count on professional advice at any stage of production – from design, through manufacturing, to post-processing.

    PPNT Gdynia operates as part of the Integrated 3D Printing Centre created together with the laboratory at the Gdansk Science and Technology Park.


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    +48 509 816 583

  • 3d measurement laboratory

    The laboratory is operated by the Park company Reversesolutions Sp. z o.o., which has at its disposal high-end measuring equipment and specialist software. The laboratory provides services in the field of 3D scanning, quality control and reverse engineering for industry, as well as for individual customers.

    The laboratory is equipped with GOM equipment. These are the most commonly used and widely acclaimed measuring machines in the industry. Measurement accuracy is confirmed by the VDI 2634 Part 3 certificate. At the disposal of the customer, depending on their needs, are:

    3D scanner ATOS Triple Scan III – an industrial measurement system designed for difficult and complex parts. Thanks to the exchangeable measuring areas and high resolution, the system is very versatile, allowing one to scan very small and large parts. / Parameters: resolution 2×8 million pixels, measuring areas 300 700, accuracy up to 0.01 mm

    TRITOP measuring system – a mobile CMM measuring system for precise measurement of details. The technology is based on photogrammetry and the resulting measurement data can be integrated with the 3D scanner ATOS. The result of the measurement is a clear report based on the measurement of a point cloud. / Parameters: accuracy of measurement 10x10m – 0.1 mm, 5×5 m – 0.05 mm

    * ATOS scanner combined with the TRITOP system create an integrated measuring system, allowing one to scan pieces of over a dozen meters in size, such as airplanes or trains.

    Reversesolutions Sp. z o.o.
    +48 508 626 929

  • measuring laboratory

    The measuring laboratory is operated by WiRan company. The laboratory’s equipment enables one to perform accurate and complex measurements in the scope of high and low frequency electronics. The measuring equipment enables observation and archiving of the course of tested signals, and advanced infrastructure in the form of a Faraday cage and climatic chamber allows one to create a specific measuring environment.

  • biotechnology laboratory

    PPNT Gdynia | Bio Laboratory actively supports the life-sciences sector, carrying out research and development, educational and commercial projects. It provides specialized services in the field of analytical chemistry, microbiology, in vitro culture and molecular biology.

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    +48 58 880 81 34

  • destructive and non-destructive testing laboratory

    The laboratory was established in response to the needs of the marine, offshore, petrochemical, civil engineering and machinery industries. It is located in Park Konstruktorów situated on the premises of the former Gdynia Shipyard, and is operated by Tenslab sp. z o.o. It is a place with state-of-the-art equipment, specializing in performing Crack Tip Opening Displacement testing, rather than the typical static cracking, and in determining the mechanical properties of materials, their connections, and the chemical composition of metals.

    Tenslab | Park Konstruktorów
    +48 58 573 38 29
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  • measuring instruments calibration laboratory

    The laboratory is located in Park Konstruktorów (former Gdynia Shipyard premises) and is operated by Tenslab sp. z o.o. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for calibration and validation.

    there are the following stands in the laboratory:

    • stand for calibration of length and angle measuring instruments
    • stand for calibration of instruments for measuring temperature and humidity
    • stand for calibration of pressure measuring instruments
    • stand for calibration of electrical quantities

    There is also a Communications and Navigation laboratory, which provides services in the field of research and design work for the navigation industry.


    Tenslab | Park Konstruktorów
    +48 58 380 06 44
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