The incubation offer is targeted at companies whose market presence does not exceed two years.


    For companies with shorter seniority and less experience, the Park offers extremely favorable financial conditions for renting infrastructure and a larger hourly package in business and legal consulting, and training. 

    how to apply?

    The first step is to fill out an online form regarding the project that you plan to develop. The cornerstone idea of ​​PPNT Gdynia is to support activities based on new technologies, so we only accept companies that work on innovative projects. 

    Intrepreneurs must prove how innovative their ideas are before the Scientific Council. During the presentation of the project, the following criteria are assessed: innovation, functionality, financial attractiveness, market readiness, and project protection.

    The contract is signed for two years. 

    • fill out the electronic form Odpowiedź
    • wait for our reply Odpowiedź

      We reply as soon as possible, usually within 3-5 days.

    • meet with the Scientific Council Odpowiedź

      Experts will evaluate how innovative the project is and decide on its adoption (or rejection).

    • sign the contract Odpowiedź

      You will have to submit some necessary documents beforehand

download documents

available offices

available offices
available offices
available offices


  • Can I join PPNT Gdynia if I don’t have a business?

    If you do not have a business, you can only apply for a coworking space (we only require a NIP number there).

  • What is the meeting with the Scientific Council like?

    The PPNT Gdynia Scientific Council is a group of experts, scientists and business practitioners nominated by the Mayor of Gdynia. Their task is to assess projects submitted to PPNT. Meetings during which the applicants explain their business ideas and answers questions from the members of the Scientific Council are held once a month.
    You must be prepared to answer detailed questions about the project you are submitting regarding innovation, functionality, feasibility, financial attractiveness, market readiness, project protection, market knowledge, and your business model. Positive evaluation of the Scientific Council means that the project is accepted for implementation at PPNT Gdynia. Now the only things you need to do before signing the contract is submit a set of documents and choose your office space.

  • How many times can I apply for admission to PPNT Gdynia?

    You can apply to PPNT Gdynia as many times as you want.

  • Can I cooperate with PPNT Gdynia without renting any space?

    Yes. If you have a company, you can cooperate with us in the e-Park model. E-Park is a form of partnership designed to achieve specific goals related to joint projects that you will run in cooperation with our park companies.

  • Can I rent the prototyping space or the laboratory without renting an office?

    Yes. You can rent the prototyping space or the laboratory at PPNT Gdynia, applying through a standard PPNT application form (Incubator or Park) - select the appropriate option in the form.
    You can also rent a larger prototyping space in the Constructors’ Park (near Gdynia Shipyard), applying via form.

  • What documents do I have to submit before I sign a contract with PPNT Gdynia?

    A declaration of no overdue payments with ZUS and US (your own or a certificate) and a set of documents regarding de minimis aid (you will receive the model documents in PPNT Gdynia).


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