PPNT | 13.3.2015

PPNT Gdynia at CeBIT 2015 Fair

This year, already for the 10th time, the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia organises a joint trip, exhibition stands and offshore promotion at the largest ICT fair for the most promising young firms from the Pomerania region.

Barcelona and Hanover are the European capitals of top modern technologies, renowned throughout the world for their technology trade fairs. It is already the 11th time that the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia organises a joint trip, exhibition stands and offshore promotion at one of the largest ICT fair for the most promising firms from the Pomerania region. In March, young, ambitious engineers from the region will have quite a unique opportunity to achieve next tangible benefits, yet on a global scale – in Hanover. Not only can they participate in important events there, with the presence of world class leaders, including technology giants (eg. IBM, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Microsoft) but also simultaneously follow the latest trends in the industry by seeing them with their own eyes. It is also undeniably an opportunity to gain new contacts, business partners and build a brand image in the international community. Joint presence of the Pomeranian firms at the international fairs lies within the long-term plan for Gdynia business development support in foreign markets. This year in Hanover, the latest technological innovations will be presented by JIT Solutions, Gadmel, Trineo, Barobot (Tesag), Outdoor Analytics, Play4Skills (HolonGlobe), Smart Media, Bioseco Multirejestrator (C2B), SafeSky, Bilander IT, FoxyTask and TeleMobile.


The theme of the forthcoming CeBIT 2015 Fair is „d!conomy”, that is, the strong influence of the IT technologies on the development of the whole industries, in particular on big data, cloud computing, mobility, social media and safety. Digitalisation is ubiquitous and has an increasing impact both on the word of business, as well as on social life. The IT transforms the existing business models, while forming another, brand new ones at the same time.


Joint visits to the world fairs are carried out within the framework of "Promoting international innovative activity of entrepreneurs from Pomerania through participation in trade fairs - Let's Expo! 2" project, implemented under the Regional Operational Programme for The Pomerania region. The project has covered an organisation of joint exhibition stands at DMY Berlin, Biotechnica in Hannover, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, CeBIT in Hannover and Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. The project was initiated in 2013 as a continuation of a successfully completed former Let’s EXPO project (running from 2009 to 2011), which enjoyed great popularity among Gdynia entrepreneurs. The venture helps Gdynia companies in business development efforts, but also delivers tangible benefits for the city and its dwellers.


Among the several thousand exhibitors from all continents, A06 in Hall 9, a joint stand,

will showcase the most interesting projects from Pomerania: a system protecting against hazards caused by drones in sensitive areas, a monitoring tool for the sick and the elderly or the most advanced applications for study or finance management, among others.


Full list of the exhibitors at joint stand of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia is provided below.

JIT Solutions provides staffing services and expertise in the IT area. At the fair, the company will propose remote realisation of projects in technologies where they possess the highest competences and experience, such as JAVA, ASP.NET, mobile technologies. Supports projects in the field of Test Automation. More info on www.jitsolutions.pl.

C2B Bioseco Multirejestrator will showcase the latest solutions for airports and wind farms. Through detailed monitoring of birds this unique device increases the safety of passengers, reduces the cost of prevention and protection of birds, as well as improves and facilitates the work of airport services on a global scale. At wind farms it prevents bird collisions with wind turbine blades – first, it recognises endangered species of birds and bats, then, in order to protect them, it can either slow or stop the fans or just frighten them away. More info on www.bioseco.com.

SafeSky is a unique system that prevents hazards caused by drones in sensitive areas (e.g. in military objects or at national borders). The system hardware and software detect radio waves transmitted by the vehicle very early. As next, it confirms the drone recognition using a set of optical and radar sensors and if necessary, the system sends an alert to selected support services. More info on www.safe-sky.pl.

Outdoor Analytics is an innovative tool for monitoring the effectiveness of external advertising media, with the application of dedicated software and personalised communication system with the user. The system provides unique quantitative and qualitative data on selected advertising media environment, e.g. number of passers-by and vehicles within range, number of glances divided into age groups, the level and timing of traffic. More info on www.outdooralanlytics.pl.

Play4Skills (HolonGlobe) is a brand which shows that gaining new skills can be pleasant and efficient. Games and business simulations they have created are there to teach, entertain and inspire – no matter what kind of a company uses the gamification trend to change attitudes and to increase intrinsic motivation. More info on www.play4skills.com.

Smart Media will present two software solutions. STOCK project - an IT solution for the management of assets, keeping their records and inventory. SmartReactor - a unique application using the latest methods and algorithms in order to support the management of the accounts receivable and credit risk. More info on www.smartmedia.com.pl.

Barobot (Tesag) is an automatic robot, which mixes and serves drinks in an eye-catching way.  The company is the winner of the 2014 Gdynia Business Plan Competition. More info on www.barobot.com.

SafeUP (Gadmel) is a  monitoring system for the elderly and others suffering from diseases of old age (e.g. Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's). Based on a wireless network of stationary sensors which measure and inform about the activity (or lack thereof) to the supervisor of the monitored elderly/ or sick person. More info on www.gadmel.pl.

Trineo is the first professional mobile motion detector with Smart Bluetooth interface which, together with the accompanying mobile application, creates innovative, patent-pending, solution in the field of personal safety. More info on www.trineo.pl.

TeleMobile will present a new version of RFswitchATT.mobile – an automatic, remote controlled adjustable attenuator with GPS location function. The device can be used to accurately test the coverage and quality of wireless networks in all systems (GSM, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA, WCDMA, HSxPA, WiMAX, LTE base stations NodeB's, eNodeB's and terminals, such as mobile phones, tablets, modems). Until now, these simulations were performed manually, which was time consuming and inaccurate. The premiere will also be held for www.TML-RF-store.com on-line store - the only place in the world wide web offering professional RF & Microwave components.

multiTap deals with technologies in the field of augmented reality. Creates products such as Multitouch wall, Kinect software mAction Pack and Augmented Reality applications for mobile devices. More info on www.multitouch.pl.

Bilander Group provides solutions for business analytics. Helps customers determine the strategy on the basis of reliable and complete data. Supports companies within management analyses and data integration. Supports companies of all sizes in the implementation and integration of systems for management of processes within their operational activity. More info on www.bilandergroup.com.


16-20.03.2015, CeBIT, Hannover, Germany, Hall 9, Stand A06