PPNT | 17.11.2015

Constructors’ Park in Gdynia

Support and new development opportunities, in other words, Constructors’ Park in Gdynia

As of November 18th, 2015, Constructors’ Park was opened. This new facility, at the premises of the former Gdynia Shipyard, offers space for creators and construction engineers where they can develop their most technologically advanced projects, “from concept to product”. Constructors’ Park was founded thanks to the cooperation of two Pomeranian institutions – the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia and the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.

In the presence of local and state authorities, representatives of science, business and the media, was held the opening of Constructors’ Park – a new place, unique on a national scale, enabling innovators to produce short series of prototypes or trial batches of their own inventions. Business activity in a high-tech industry requires specialist infrastructure, equipment and space. Constructors’ Park is a direct response to these needs, complementing the current infrastructure of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia and the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.

- Constructors’ Park is the next element of a an economic change of Gdynia which has been supporting the development of small and medium enterprises for years – says Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychala, Vice-president of Gdynia. – It’s not the next office building. Instead, it’s a spot for specialists, creators and engineers who will receive full support and an opportunity to develop their ideas from the prototype up to production stage - adds Vice-president Gruszecka-Spychala.

Formation of Constructors’ Park also allowed to revitalise the next section of the former Gdynia Shipyard, whilst the city gained excellent development facilities which no longer fitted at current premises of PSTP Gdynia and Gdansk Science and Technology Park (GSTP). A renovated building (once known as the Pentagon) of 5600 m² space, holds new prototyping areas, workshop space, design studios, including a Laboratory of Non-destructive and Destructive Examinations, Communication and Navigation Lab, Calibration of Measuring Equipment Lab, adjustment to so-called “clean production” of electronics, automatics, robotics, engineering and industrial design. Specially dedicated space for designers and architects was also foreseen. The creators and constructors from PSTP Gdynia and GSTP are provided an opportunity for comfortable conduction of tests, research and technological improvements which have their beginnings at both parks.

- Constructors’ Park is a place for specialists from multiple domains who strive to develop their technological projects. Our goal is it to form a new quality of products and services and thereby boost the meaning of innovativeness and advanced technologies as factors determining the economic processes at post-shipyard areas and, in the long run, countrywide – says Teresa Kaminska, the President of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd.

The investment is worth over 30,6 million Polish zloty, 85% of which comes from the funds of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy within the extension of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia. The remaining input was brought as part of a partnership agreement between the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd. (in a form of a real estate) and the City of Gdynia. The general contractor of redevelopment is Dekpol Inc. Construction works, at an agreement level of 16,4 million Polish zloty, encompassing a complex building modernisation within “design and build” system.

More information: www.ppnt.pl/konstruktorow 


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