PPNT | 3.6.2015

Pomorskie at the Pomeranian Week during Expo 2015 in Milan

June 1st is the opening day of Pomeranian Week at the Expo 2015 exhibition in Milan. Cities, tourist attractions, design and companies of the region will be showcasing their potential to Italian and international guests at the Polish Pavilion.

Pomorskie is the first Polish region to present its touristic and economic potential at the Milan exhibition. During Pomeranian Week, region’s three main cities – Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot – prepared some eye-cathing and attention-drawing attractions in order to encourage tourists and business partners to visit and invest in Pomerania. Gdansk will present an interesting amber exhibition. Gdynia has prepared “Taste of an object” – the exposure of contemporary Pomeranian design and its culinary inspirations. Sopot, which is responsible for the arrangement of the exterior zone (outside the pavilion), invites all the visitors to the Sopot beach.

So diverse as the Pomeranian region are the tastes of the objects showcased in the „Taste of an object“ exhibition, arranged by Gdynia Design Centre. The project welcomes to savour in the warmth of a heater, speed of a bike, light of a street lamp, comfort of furniture or child’s play experience. There will also be something to nourish the soul and the memories. This eclectic cluster is also to portray the wide spectrum of activity among the Polish and Pomeranian designers. The exhibition showcases both single products as well as those mass-produced in hundreds, those enriching the interiors and co-forming the technical infrastructure, all designed in interdisciplinary teams.

But Expo is mainly about business, hence the appearance of Pomeranian companies in the capital of Lombardy. On June 4th, „Pomeranian economic potential“ conference and cooperation fair will be held. Plenary and bilateral sessions and brokerage meetings will be attended both by Polish and Italian investors. During B2B meetings, Polish companies will stand a great chance to reach leading Italian ICT, construction, transport, logistic and marine sector representatives.

An important addition to the Pomeranian economic mission during Expo 2015 in Milan will be the presence of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park companies:

andervision works on innovative technologies of creating ecological and eco-efficient houses, module systems for on-water, floating buildings and concrete development. Concrete is one of their favourite mateials, as its universal, easy-to-reach and green. Apaert from that, it creates numerous engeneering possibilities. Right now the company is developing a system of manufacturing three layer walls and concrete floating platforms. Andervision boasts three patents and is currently working on next inventions. More info on www.andervision.com.

Idnecsan is a team of experienced professionals in the field of technical consulting and creating technical documentation and procedures. The main goal for establishing Idnecsan was to combine professionalism related to substantive knowledge with experience, qualifications and potential of the employees in order to create and implement new technical and technological solutions in Offshore, Onshore, Shipbuilding and Gas & Oil sectors. More info on www.idnecsan.com.

JIT Solutions provides staffing services and expertise in the IT area. At the fair, the company will propose remote realisation of projects in technologies where they possess the highest competences and experience, such as JAVA, ASP.NET, mobile technologies. Supports projects in the field of Test Automation. More info on www.jitsolutions.pl/en.

Bioseco will showcase the latest solutions for airports and wind farms. Through detailed monitoring of birds, Mulirejestrator – company’s unique device – increases the safety of passengers, reduces costs of prevention and protection of birds, as well as improves and facilitates the work of airport services on a global scale. At wind farms it prevents bird collisions with wind turbine blades. First, it recognises endangered species of birds and bats, then, in order to protect them, it can either slow or stop the fans or just frighten them away. More info on www.bioseco.com.

Trineo is the first professional mobile motion detector with Smart Bluetooth interface which, together with the accompanying mobile application, creates innovative, patent-pending, solution in the field of personal safety. More info on www.trineo.en.

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia stands for innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s the best place for searching new solutions in technology and fostering innovative companies. Park provides excellent conditions for development of high technology-based ideas, mainly in biotechnology, environment protection, computer science, electronics and telecommunication, industrial design. Able to host 300 start-ups and companies and creating 2000 new jobs, it is also home to different initiatives: Experyment Science Centre, Startup Zone, Gdynia Design Centre, Biotechnology Laboratory or Conference Centre. It open its door to innovators of all kinds, welcoming Gdynia and region’s inhabitants to lectures, workshops and cultural events.

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