PPNT | 11.6.2015

JIT Solutions with Business Cheetah award

For the last ten years, Modern Business Institute have been awarding the fastest growing IT companies in Poland. The winner of this years’ competition is JIT Solutions – one of Pomeranian Science and Technology Park firms.

612 was the overall number of IT enterprises whose financial results were analysed by the Modern Business Institute before revealing the final ranking. Out of them, 499 managed to receive the title of Business Cheetahs. This means that their market value grew at least 10% in the years 2012-2014. But only the best companies deserved a place on the podium. Among them Luca Logistic Solutions Sp. z o.o., Netguru Sp. z o.o. and the main winner – JIT Solutions!

Witold Bołt, Business Architect at JIT Solutions: We are extremely happy to have won the first place in the Business Cheetahs ranking and that the prize is based on objective criteria reflecting the pace of growth that we witness everyday in JIT. We consider this achievement as a proof to us that the strategy that we adopted in JIT Solutions from its very beginning of delivering both services and products of the highest quality is bringing tangible results. High pace of growth and development of JIT can be seen not only in the market value of the company but also in the size and number of delivered projects and happy clients. It all wouldn’t be possible without great commitment and talent of people of JIT. Motivated and proud of our newest title of the fastest growing IT company in Poland, we plan to keep up the good work – focusing our efforts on international clients. We hope to be able to operate as actively and maintain our growth in the next years without ever forgetting our principles of high standards and quality.

Modern Business Institute have organized Business Cheetahs Contest from 2006. During the last years it analysed financial results of 3 million Polish enterprises and a few hundreds of banks operating in Poland.

We are more than happy to observe such nationwide achievements of companies forming part of Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. Congratulations!