PPNT | 24.3.2015

Gdynia E(x)plory Week

Gdynia E(x)plory Week is the biggest Polish event promoting science and modern technologies. Since 2013 it has been organised by the High Tech Foundation in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

Gdynia E(x)plory Week offers a program full of events for children, students, teachers, start-ups, innovative companies, scientists, media representatives, local and national governments representatives who can participate in workshops, scientific presentations, contest presentations, debates and discussion panels organised within the E(x)plory Science and Technology Festival, the E(x)plory Congress and the E(x)plory Science Fair National Finals. Each of Gdynia E(x)plory Week’s elements is addressed to a different group of recipients.

The E(x)plory Science Fair National Finals for students aged 14-20 provoke the strongest emotions. Each year several dozen of top young scientists from all over Poland present their innovative inventions and research while fighting for scholarships and the opportunity to represent Poland at prestigious scientific contests in the USA, the Netherlands or Romania.

The offer of the E(x)plory Science and Technology Festival is addressed to school trips and everyone passionate about science. During many open workshops, lectures and scientific presentations the participants will have the opportunity – together with the trainers – to produce snow that doesn’t melt, construct robot-vehicles and launch rockets travelling as high as 100 m. The attractions of the Festival include various scientific curiosities such as thunderstorm, disappearing water, flowers which change color, table spoons moaning of cold and other tech novelties.

The E(x)plory Congress is organized for companies, institutions, innovators, entrepreneurs, managers, investors, inventors, representatives of science and specialists operating on the innovation market. It is a cyclical, opinion-forming event with Polish and foreign participants, serving as a platform for the exchange of experiences, discussions concerning new trends and innovations promotion. During Gdynia E(x)plory Week 2015 – 47 speakers and 200 participants from all over Europe took part in more than ten panels

Each year we observe the growth in number of people passionate about science and modern technologies and the participants of Gdynia E(x)plory Week. – During the last edition of Gdynia E(x)plory Week we were visited by 2100 people. The growing number of participants is the best reward for our hard work into which we put our heart and soul. It proves that Poland has space to organize events aiming at something more than entertainment, at promoting values such as knowledge, innovation and thinking out of the box – says Joanna Gogolińska, the Director of High Tech Foundation. – I would like to thank all of the partners for their support, without which we would not be able to organize such an event – she adds.

Each year the organization of Gdynia E(x)plory Week is supported by several dozen companies and institutions. LOTOS Group is the Patron of E(x)plory, the City of Gdynia, Pomeranian Science and Technology Park and INTEL are Strategic Partners.


You can find further information on  www.explory.pl