PPNT | 2.9.2015

Delipair - innovative application commited to wine-lovers

Are you looking for the right wine to enhance your meal? Let technology make the decision for you! Try Delipair – a groundbreaking application created in PPNT Gdynia by wine enthusiasts, computer programmers, and biotechnologists from W4F team.

This state-of-the-art tool created by the W4F team in cooperation with biotechnologists from PPNT in Gdynia is definitely the best solution for foodies and wine-lovers. It helps you find the right wines for any chosen dish in just one click. For every recipe you wish to use, the app will suggest three best wine pairings. Our analysis is based on the compatibility of aromas in wines with those present in the dish of your choice. The same amount of particular aromas in the chosen dish and the accompanying wine will make an absolutely perfect aromatic match.

Francois Chartier‘s "Taste Buds and Molecules“ was truly behind our inspiration to create this tool. The book focuses on making wine and dish pairings based on their thorough analysis and their compatibility in terms of contained aroma compounds . This totally new approach fascinated us to such an extent, that we started our own research- testing its results on friends and family. In the aftermath of the research, we were able to create the first version of our app targeted at wine producers (it was officially introduced during Vinitaly -  the biggest Wine Fair in Italy).

Although  the idea met with enthusiasm, we were not fully satisfied at that stage, yet. We felt that the tool still left a lot to be desired. We wished to create an mechanism which would make it easy to find a perfect wine pairing for any recipe you could think of. We wanted to give ordinary people the chance to taste and fully enjoy a perfect combination of wine and food (something that was reserved for wine experts only).

In just three months we created the first version of the Delipair tool, which soon contributed to our success as a wine start-up during Digital Wine Communication Conference in Montreux. At the beginning of this year we raised necessary funds and started our cooperation with Spark-Lab company operating in the field of biotechnology. During the analysis we learnt about 54 different aroma compounds in 120 different wines (from 17 grape varieties and originating from 10 countries) as well as in 600 different groups of food products.

Finally, on the last day of August 2015 we were able to present our tool to the world and consequently made perfect food-wine pairings possible for everyone!

For the time being, Delipair can only help you find perfect pairings for recipes in English. We are still expanding and working on new language versions of our app. We believe that we will be ready to present them to you in the nearest future. We are also planning further analyses on whisky, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages. 

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