Design Center Gdynia | 30.6.2015

Join the 8th edition of Gdynia Design Days!

This year Gdynia gets caught up in the design NETWORKS! Linkages of “town forming solutions” on micro and macro level became the basis of design considerations, the effects of which will be presented during the 8th edition of Gdynia Design Days.

Exhibitions, workshops, lectures, presentations by designers, film screenings, special events, happenings in public space – Gdynia Design Days program is as varied as usual. The development of this year's theme, NETWORKS, will be found in the curatorial interpretations during exhibitions and discussions with the city dwellers and experts from various fields. Just as in previous years, we invited leading designers and specialists into cooperation. This year they include Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Jacek and Paulina Ryń, Marian Misiak, Jola Starzak and Dawid Strębicki as well as Ewa Solarz. Together we have created a festival designed for a variety of recipients and environments. Join us in Gdynia between July 3rd and July 12th!

Design Terminal, a symbol and hallmark of Gdynia Design Days, will stand at Kaszubski Square for the second time. This year it gained a new character thanks to the project by INTERURBAN and NONEgrupa, evoking the specifics of the Tri-City buildings. For the first time, the Terminal will also be located at PSTP, forming the second Festival Centre. As always it will constitute a place of meetings and relaxation. At Kaszubski Square, Ewa Solarz has prepared a unique exhibition entitled "What is design? Chairs" which allows to trace the evolution of the most popular piece of furniture. The exhibition is designed primarily for children, and will be accompanied by workshops, during which the youngest will try to imagine the world without chairs and reflect on what power would collect a man sitting on a “Super Chair”. It's not all the attractions though! Children are also invited to the illustration workshop referring to the history of Gdynia and a project during which they will create a mock-up model of the town of Super Heroes. Adults will also not get bored! In addition to the exhibition devoted to the unique design chairs, they will have a chance to visit Projekt Market (Design Market), attend a film projection or spend time with friends in the chillout zone.

The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park will welcome guests with exhibitions, workshops for professionals, lectures and debates. The uniqueness of Gdynia Design Days involves the creation of a new design reality during the festival, not just recording the current one on the disc that we all know. This is achieved, among many other elements of the festival agenda, through the main exhibition, in which the prototypes developed by eight designers from Poland and abroad will be showcased. All of them will refer to the festival theme and to the specific features of Gdynia. At PSTP one will also be able to visit the remaining exhibitions: “House. District. Apartment” ("Dom.Osiedle.Mieszkanie") Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts Gdansk, "Innovations from the science park", "NETWORKS+ REACTIONS" (“SIECI+REAKCJE”), "The Academy of Mr. Technique" and "Elle Decoration. Start Young". Lectures and meetings will host, inter alia, Adam Krężlik who will talk about non-linear geometries and Beata Leszno who will explain why communication is so important for products. Patrycja Podkościelny will tell a story of contemporary illustration through the eyes of an illustrator whilst Marcin Wicha will try to answer the question why it is so hard sometimes to love design. An important point of the festival programme will also be a conference entitled "Hello! city ​​- interventions in public space".

This is not the end! Among the events accompanying GDD there is "PPPP Rygalik. The essence of things" exhibition. It can be visited at Gdynia City Museum along with "Polished up" – another worthwhile selection of good design items prepared by Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka and Paweł Grobelny.

Join us and get caught up in the design NETWORKS. We look forward to seeing you in Gdynia!

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